MAXED QuickBooks File

MAXED QuickBooks File

I had a hot date with a MAXED out QB Pro 14,500 names list. It had a lot of years data back to 2003! That’s A LOT of data.

Our first step is to condense and strip the file and keep the last five years. Unfortunately, I couldn’t condense it 😖 due to other techno issues with credit card numbers.

Transaction Importer Pro to the rescue. I was able to create a new QuickBooks File and export/import the last 5 years of data into brand new file. It take a little bit of work to map the data and verify it. But everything worked out as expected.

The owners are very excited that they don’t have to upgrade to QB Enterprise and now have more than enough room for business transactions.

Problem solved. Savings of at least $1900 for the owners.

If you need help with a BIG QuickBooks file, need to merge QuickBooks files, or just want to export data for analysis we can help you. Give us a call 907-222-4613 or email for more information.

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